From the Chair

Challenges and changes might be seen as obstacles or as great opportunities. We on the Book Fair committee view everything as an opportunity to bring you the best programs and authors available. I must commend this Steering Committee and the hundreds of volunteers, and show my deepest appreciation for their continued dedication and support of the oldest and largest Jewish Book Fair in the country.

Please thank them for all of their work by attending the many Book Fair events. Come meet the one and only Sarge – the Black Boychik! The rage in Florida, he will not disappoint here. The Talmud says: “If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first.” Ronen Bergman’s best seller on the history of the Mossad will explain Israel’s instinct to take all measures necessary to defend the Jewish people. Hailed as a humane work about an incendiary subject. Love music?? Come hear Jamie Bernstein’s fascinating story about her father, the great Leonard Bernstein. Sally Kohn’s book presents the timely topic of what we can do about the culture of hate.There is much more to appeal to everyone.

Of course, you must come and enjoy patron night (it is not too late to become a patron). Indulge in a Faygo float and a night where we celebrate everything Faygo! You do not have to be from Detroit to enjoy – but it helps! Celebrate books for yourself and for generations to come. Once again, thank you for supporting us.

Terry Hollander